Wednesday, April 29, 2009

this will be brief

i'm a dummy today:

that is all.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


finally finished the Vintage McCall's 3886! I stayed up until nearly midnight hand sewing the waistband down. I decided on a straight hem at the bottom. I also did button holes in place of the hook/eye combo. The button holes turned out...well they look right. I should have interfaced though. I was off by just a tiny bit, but it's only noticeable to me. I was going to wear it to work today, but it was raining out.

I've started cutting out the pieces for the jacket. I have a baby shower to attend this weekend, so i am not sure how far along (pun intended) i'll be able to get on the jacket. It's going to be made of a black cotton. It's pretty light, so hopefully will be nice for summertime.

Monday, April 20, 2009

zero to many

I recently decided I needed a true hobby.

See, I've had a lot of hobbies that I start, but I just never finish them. I generally enjoy each activity I try to some varying degree, but I just lose interest. Crocheting and knitting I just didn't find satisfying nor challenging. Scrapbooking just wasn't challenging... I guess as a creative person, I still feel the need to be challenged. If I feel like I'm constantly learning, then it is possible to hold my attention for more than a few moments.

Enter sewing.

I first made a skirt, using Butterick 5043. I reviewed it over here. This is the skirt.
It looks just like the pattern photo, and really inspired me. (As if I expected it to turn out like something other than the pattern photo? Maybe an accidental pair of pants?)

My next work in progress has been a vintage pattern I received from my grandma. It's McCall's 3886. I was pleased as punch with how this came together, for the most part. I had to size out the pattern a little bit, because I'm not a 7 Junior Petite, and old patterns are not graded, they're just one size.

I made my first attempt at a skirt zipper, and it turned out better than I could have hoped for.

I currently need to do the following to finish it::::
  • Cut a new waist band. The one that I had cut and attached wasn't long enough. I could have left it, and fibbed a little, but I have extra fabric and might as well go the extra mile to make it as thoroughly and accurately as possible.
  • Interface & attach the new waist band.
  • Decide what I'm to do about the hem. Pattern calls for a blind hem, which I don't mind doing, as I did it on the last skirt I made. I would, however, like to keep with the same straight 3 line top stitching I did around the zipper, so I may just do that with the hem.

I recently found some AWESOME sales on patterns and fabric. I will be posting next about the those, and hopefully have a final photo of the Vintage McCall's skirt, and maybe a sneak peak at what I'm going to do next.

I'm SEW excited!!
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