Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Where did the month go?!

Oh dear! How time flies, and what a busy month it has been! Here is a photo of the burgerdress, mid construction. In this photo, I had pinned up the hem and needed to trim the "ketchup and mustard" layers of tulle and netting.

Mid-burger construction.
During the evening out, my friend (who was a surly waitress!!) and I walked by an ice cream shop, and saw this hotdog through the window. I ran inside, exclaiming, "EXCUSE ME, ARE YOU A HOTDOG?" and requested a photo.
I ran into a hotdog!
Here are some close up details on the "trimmings".

Lettuce and Cheese!

The lettuce was probably my favorite veggie on the dress. I simply used a knit polyester type fabric and gathered using elastic down the center.

In all, this dress was very easy to put together, although had I not been making it in two days, I'd have taken a bit more time with the boning portion. I broke only one needle, and that was because I was trying to rush the process.

I did end up sewing a fry purse, using one of the  Keyka Lou patterns, enlarging for my own [nefarious] purposes.
I added a zipper so my purse-things wouldn't fall out, and I also added "fries" made of two colors of felt.

I chose red for the outside and a white and yellow gingham for the inside, to recall the McDonald's take-out carton.

I'm mid construction on several things right now, one of which is McCalls 5523.
Two projects for people other than myself include:
Vintage: Butterick 5454, girls skort pattern - with a story from my childhood about the fabric and the pattern!

Current: New Look 6754, a sleeveless top for my mom.

More soon!


  1. Now that's what I call dressing for successful dining-- inspired! : )

  2. oh my goodness that is the COOLEST DRESS EVER!!!!!!! I love it!!!!!!!!!!! So creative, you look yummy AND pretty! I love it!

  3. PS. the dress fits you SO SO well! I love the "mid burger construction" photo, the strapless bodice hugs you so nicely! awesome job.


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