Friday, December 9, 2011

Yarn & Knitting

I love ordering wares from the internet. I'm probably most excited about the green holiday yarn. I see a lot of knitting in my future for the weekend, as most of these yarns will be turned into handmade christmas presents.

I really enjoy knitting with the Lion Homespun, it's got enough body to provide added texture to a basic piece, but it's still soft, unlike the popular Red Heart product, also by Lion.

I recently made a cowl with "Praire" colorway, which is a mix of dark greens/neutrals sprinkled with unexpected jewel tones. It was super fast to knit up in the round and I wear it quite a bit.

An added update on the Bloomers: I was able to get the casings sewn and thread the elastic through. Failure and/or lack of foresight: didn't exactly *measure* the elastic, and it's turned out a bit snug. As the other reviews on this pattern have mentioned, these are VERY low.  I sense some quality time with my seam ripper is coming up.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Colette Madeline Mini-Bloomers

I've had quite the time with this pattern, the Colette Madeline Mini-Bloomers.

 My first try was in late September/early October, but I was rushing through. I didn't finish any of the seams, and when you're trying to feed 4 casings full of tiny elastic... it just doesn't work.

Fear not! I'm coming to a close on Mom's shirt (New Look 6754, review soon!) and wanted to work on something somewhat easy for myself.

This pattern calls for a lightweight fabric, I'm imagining something boxer-shortsesque. I really wanted a plaid flannel version, and I remembered I had this fabric in the stash, collected from my Mother years ago. I had over four and a half yards!

Last night I cut out and assembled the shorts, and tonight I'll construct the casings, hopefully feed elastic and hem.  I was in a hurry and only took two photos, but here they are! I didn't take the time to match plaids, that will be for another day.

Short overview

My first flat felled seam!

Updates soon!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Colette Patterns!

Even though I'm mid *several* other projects, I just received both the Peony and the Violet. I can't wait to try them out! I've seen so many awesome variations of the Peony, and I have been looking for 3/4 length sleeve dresses for winter. I have the perfect suiting in my stash, even!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Where did the month go?!

Oh dear! How time flies, and what a busy month it has been! Here is a photo of the burgerdress, mid construction. In this photo, I had pinned up the hem and needed to trim the "ketchup and mustard" layers of tulle and netting.

Mid-burger construction.
During the evening out, my friend (who was a surly waitress!!) and I walked by an ice cream shop, and saw this hotdog through the window. I ran inside, exclaiming, "EXCUSE ME, ARE YOU A HOTDOG?" and requested a photo.
I ran into a hotdog!
Here are some close up details on the "trimmings".

Lettuce and Cheese!

The lettuce was probably my favorite veggie on the dress. I simply used a knit polyester type fabric and gathered using elastic down the center.

In all, this dress was very easy to put together, although had I not been making it in two days, I'd have taken a bit more time with the boning portion. I broke only one needle, and that was because I was trying to rush the process.

I did end up sewing a fry purse, using one of the  Keyka Lou patterns, enlarging for my own [nefarious] purposes.
I added a zipper so my purse-things wouldn't fall out, and I also added "fries" made of two colors of felt.

I chose red for the outside and a white and yellow gingham for the inside, to recall the McDonald's take-out carton.

I'm mid construction on several things right now, one of which is McCalls 5523.
Two projects for people other than myself include:
Vintage: Butterick 5454, girls skort pattern - with a story from my childhood about the fabric and the pattern!

Current: New Look 6754, a sleeveless top for my mom.

More soon!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Fry Purse?

The burger dress is coming along quite nicely! Here is a sneak peak at one fruit included as a garnish!
tomato is a serious fruit!

I've been considering purse options. I clearly need a clutch or small bag since I'll be attending a dance party. Google always helps with ideas, here was a result:
photo credit and purse available for purchase here

It's cute, but it's a bit elementary/literal and since my dress is a cocktail style dress, I was thinking clutch.

I have an amazing reader list full of inspiring sewists, and this morning ::paunnet:: had this post on some patterns for makeup bags. They are clutch style. They have interesting details. They are available for download from the internet! Of the two she wrote about, this one from Keyka Lou really struck me.

It is so adorable! Either that one or this one, but I'd have to alter it to make it just a bit bigger, as it looks like it's designed for something about the size of a note card, and ideally I'll fit my phone, cards, key and maybe a camera in there.

I have a metric ton of hand sewing to do, I still need to hem the dress and then trim the tulle under-layer and then the dress itself will be complete! When will I find time to also sew a clutch?

I'm linking up with Sachiko over at Tea Rose Home today, so swing over there and show off your hand made items!

What are you dressing for Halloween as?

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Burger Dress!

You guys! For Halloween, I don't usually dress up because I have a hard time deciding what to be.

I saw this dress and was immediately inspired. 
Enter McCalls 5850, Joann's $0.99 McCalls sale and their "midnight madness" - 50% off basically everything in the entire store. The dress isn't ready for a big reveal yet, but I'll leave you with a couple of photos of the "lettuce" because, well, it's great all around!

dorking around with lettuce
killer lettuce!
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