Wednesday, October 22, 2014

But I've been sewing!

I have all of the drafts. I keep not updating because I want to play catch up, but obviously that is not going to work. Here is my shame, plus additional undrafted drafts:

 Okay, anyway. Several things to talk about!

1. I was laid off this summer, which was magical for my sewing 'jo.  Instead of individual posts, here are photos of some stuff I made! Sadly, I don't have photos of everything I did. Oh well!


Mc Calls 5850 - I added the halter strap for a "countrified cocktail" wedding we went to.

Obligatory matching clutch (it's lined in the ice creams fabric!)

BHL Anna/Circle skirt mashup thing

 renfrew! (plus another renfrew i don't have a photo of? that one I had to hack by adding a seam up the center back to get it all cut out. very little fabric. I am in love with this pattern)

Okay so I didn't make this. But HOLY COW. I have some complaints about the quality of construction, though. The problem is that I could not walk away from it. I mean, LOOK AT IT. This was made by a "local designer" but the quality is lacking. The zipper is too long, was not trimmed to size, the installation of the zipper itself isn't great (looks like a first zipper), this is a fully lined dress but there is no understitching - instead, there is zig zag top stitching throughout in a mismatched green thread. The sleeves aren't the same length.

BUT LOOK AT IT THOUGH. I over paid. I came home from the store and tried to find a pattern to make this myself. No dice. I went back to the store and bought it.

new sewing closet!

2. We moved! The sewing closet is going to be *amazing*. I have lots of plans to transform this closet. To my right in the above photo, is a great alcove where I'm going to put a built-in desk. Plus shelves, all of the shelves. I hope to sew through a larger portion of my stash than I have in years past, because fabric is taking up the bulk of space right now. 

3. Halloween. I love halloween. This year, I intend to be Little Red Riding Hood! I've ordered red horsehair braid for a red circle skirt hem. I am unsure about the top construction - most photo results are "sexy" and I prefer to avoid that. I might do a plain white peasant top and a red/white gingham frilly apron. Picnic basket and a cape and I'll be all set!

I think that's it. I hope to be around more!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

WIP: a floral pendrell

I have a hard time with vision sometimes, so I rely on you, of the lovely sewing community to give some proper advice.

I'm nearly finished with my second version of the Sewaholic Pendrell Blouse and I've made some fun changes I'm excited about. The pattern originally called for the ruffles to be folded and gathered, with the fold creating the edge of the ruffle. Makes for a really nice, neat finish!

On my Valentine's Dress I cheated and did a rolled hem on my serger and I really like the way it turned out. So for the ruffles on the pendrell, I cut them down the center where the fold would have been, and did a rolled hem on each piece. Instead of one double layered ruffle on each side, I've got two single layer ruffles on each side. MOAR RUFFLES.

For view B, there are two sets of ruffles, the first being placed on the princess seam at the shoulder, and the second being placed on the shoulder seam at the top of the armscye. The second set of ruffles are less ruffly and more of a cap. I'm thinking about just doing a second set like the first.

WHAT DO YOU GUYS THINK? I haven't pressed the princess seams, so excuse the bulkiness of the front.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Dancin' Patterns!

I've been very busy sewing, and I haven't been doing much in the way of blogging! I ran across this and thought it was hilarious, so I'll leave it here with a very brief update.

Currently on my sewing table: another Sewaholic Pendrell, a Hot Cocoa Sweater for Devon, a Hot Cocoa Sweater for me (almost finished!) and I plan to make a few tank tops.

Finished and not blogged: the Prince Skirt, a Hot Cocoa Sweater (almost finished!), the Janelle Monae Jacket, a pair of pajama pants, my Lonsdale dress (geeeez I finished that in SEPTEMBER), Poetry Night dress, which I sort of blogged but haven't taken any good final shots.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Gym Pendrell

I'm calling this my "gym pendrell" because of the fabric choice. It's kind of a gross gym-shorts fabric that I had barely 1 yard of. I received it as part of my mystery fabric bundle from Fabric Mart a while back. The pendrell calls for 2 - 2 1/2 yards, so I really squeezed this one out. I broke some rules, you guys.

I ignored some grain lines. Okay, not entirely. and I also used a fun contrast fabric for the arm and neck bindings. I always forget that I can do that to spice up the inside of a garment. I ignored the grain lines for the ruffle sleeve pieces and slightly tilted one of the bodice pieces to get everything to fit. I wouldn't say that it was detrimental.

Just check out that shiny, polyester goodness.

This top went together very quickly, a nice satisfying project. Can I get a high five for NO CLOSURES, BRO. I did hem this, top-stitched with a twin needle.

Of note: the top is pretty long. I like that, since I can tuck it in and I don't have to worry about it coming un-tucked if I sit down or reach up for something. That's a common problem I have with petite button ups from J. Crew or Banana Republic - they fit everywhere except length!

Alright: here is how I wore it to work on Tuesday!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

2497 - Completed!

Fabric Mart has struck me again. Listen, I've been super good about fabric. Kind of. Not really at all.

This is pretty much amazing and how could I pass it up? It's going to be a cambie dress (FINALLY!), you know, just like the rest of the florals I last purchased from fabric mart...Of course, this will be after my Sew for Victory project!

Okay, let's check out Cynthia Rowley 2497!!

Guys, I *love* this dress. Love, love, love.
I cut out a 4 on top and a 6 in the waist and skirt.

I took a cue from Trena and just finished the edge of the ruffle with a rolled hem on my serger - that was super quick and gives a really nice finish. I also cheated and used a standard zip which is located on the side of the dress. I relied heavily on this tutorial for the insertion of side zip + inseam pockets.

Next time I'd likely keep the two rows of basting stitches in the ruffle. It gave some great body but I had used red thread, thinking I'd have to remove the stitching. 

I will make this again - using an invisible zip and keeping those basting threads. This pattern is awesome.

I hope everyone had a great Valentine's Day! It really is one of my favorite holidays, manufactured or not. I went to a local restaurant with one of my girlfriends - no hallmark cards or hershey's chocolate in sight, and it was a great time!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Sew for Victory!

I've decided to Sew for Victory! I realized that I had many patterns from my Grandma's stash, some of which *could* be 40's. I received a lot of children's patterns, and did find a "Truly Teen Style" pattern that I couldn't source a year on.


The problem with this pattern being used were a few.
1) Missing directions -  at this point, I'm sure I could have figured it out, however, it noted the straps as being adjustable and that pattern piece sure did look small. I like having directions.

2) Not my size - the size 12 measurement are Bust-30, Waist-25, Hip-33.
Yes. I could have modified the tissue. I don't think I even need to explain this one though. I'll give you a hint: my measurements are much, MUCH different.

Enter Joann's famous $1 pattern sales and this Simplicity reprint of 1940's era dress! I've got plans, darlings!

The red bias binding here is only for color - I'm going to do red piping!!! My plan is to pipe along the bib insert seams and skip a contrast panel for view B. Here is my rudimentary photoshop mock up:

The white just shows the gathers and such, black didn't show very well with the polka dot background. Additionally, the polka dots are obviously going to be much smaller on the garment itself as you can see from the bias binding for scale above.

This is a little daring for me, but I think the red piping will give a bit of contrast and will allow me to learn something new. I've never used piping before!

Are you Sewing for Victory? If not, you should hop over to Rochelle's (and Lucille's!!!) blog and check out all of the resources she's compiled. I'm really excited!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

2497 - assembly notes and to-do list

Oh man, I started this post on 2/4. I'm only just now posting because I've FINALLY taken some photos!

Some construction notes:
2/4 - all pieces are cut out
2/5 - finished the ruffle collar edges on the serger
2/6 - bodice has gathering strings ready, neck facing *mostly* installed (just needs to be basted and topstitched down)
2/7 - neck facing is done!
2/11 - Right Pocket, gathered skirt
2/12 - Left pocket, joined bodice and skirt, prepped for zipper installation

To Do! 

  • Baste and topstitch neck facing in place 
  • fuse interfacing to (2x) waistband 
  • assemble waistband 
  • install waistband on bodice 
  • baste gathering strings on skirt 
  • sew up side seams including pockets 
  • install zipper 
  • arm facings 
  • gather and install ruffle collar 

This does seem like a lot to get done, especially before 2/14 AND without a weekend to work on it!

Outside front of bodice
Ruffle. Basting stitches and finished with a rolled hem.
Inside front of the bodice.
BAM! Look at that inseam pocket! The zipper will be installed today.
This project is also included on my sewing circle: http://www.mysewingcircle.com/project/show/11419

So, a poll.  I'm kind of fed up with invisible zippers, as I have an easy time installing them, but when I've got wasitbands to match up, it never seems to work out. I kind of want to just put a regular dress zipper in this. Do you guys think it will ruin the look? I basted the thing shut on the left side, and everything is perfectly matched up. If I hand baste the zipper in, I feel there is a very good chance everything will stay put and look nice.

What do you think?
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