Wednesday, October 22, 2014

But I've been sewing!

I have all of the drafts. I keep not updating because I want to play catch up, but obviously that is not going to work. Here is my shame, plus additional undrafted drafts:

 Okay, anyway. Several things to talk about!

1. I was laid off this summer, which was magical for my sewing 'jo.  Instead of individual posts, here are photos of some stuff I made! Sadly, I don't have photos of everything I did. Oh well!


Mc Calls 5850 - I added the halter strap for a "countrified cocktail" wedding we went to.

Obligatory matching clutch (it's lined in the ice creams fabric!)

BHL Anna/Circle skirt mashup thing

 renfrew! (plus another renfrew i don't have a photo of? that one I had to hack by adding a seam up the center back to get it all cut out. very little fabric. I am in love with this pattern)

Okay so I didn't make this. But HOLY COW. I have some complaints about the quality of construction, though. The problem is that I could not walk away from it. I mean, LOOK AT IT. This was made by a "local designer" but the quality is lacking. The zipper is too long, was not trimmed to size, the installation of the zipper itself isn't great (looks like a first zipper), this is a fully lined dress but there is no understitching - instead, there is zig zag top stitching throughout in a mismatched green thread. The sleeves aren't the same length.

BUT LOOK AT IT THOUGH. I over paid. I came home from the store and tried to find a pattern to make this myself. No dice. I went back to the store and bought it.

new sewing closet!

2. We moved! The sewing closet is going to be *amazing*. I have lots of plans to transform this closet. To my right in the above photo, is a great alcove where I'm going to put a built-in desk. Plus shelves, all of the shelves. I hope to sew through a larger portion of my stash than I have in years past, because fabric is taking up the bulk of space right now. 

3. Halloween. I love halloween. This year, I intend to be Little Red Riding Hood! I've ordered red horsehair braid for a red circle skirt hem. I am unsure about the top construction - most photo results are "sexy" and I prefer to avoid that. I might do a plain white peasant top and a red/white gingham frilly apron. Picnic basket and a cape and I'll be all set!

I think that's it. I hope to be around more!

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