Friday, January 9, 2015

Completed: Renfrew the Stripey (PART DEUX)

After my first run-in with stripes, and my traditional off-by-one error, I knew I wanted to revisit the issue.  You know what they say, practice makes better!

I've been sewing a lot of basics, and I really like view C of the Renfrew because it feels a bit dressier than a plain t-shirt but it wears like a plain t-shirt, win!

I was super careful on cutting this fabric. It's a nice drapey rayon-cotton knit that I grabbed out of a remnant bin at Hancock fabrics for $6. It's about 1.5 yards? This time, I used a sharpie to trace outside the pattern and cut then, instead of trying to keep everything from shifting around with pattern weights.

The same changes were made this time that I also made to my cozy renfrew - extended bands. I'm starting to think I need to double check the sleeve height, as every single time I have made this pattern the sleeve has not fit correctly into the armsyce.

Here it is on the dressform! I'm incredibly pleased with my stripe matching this time!

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Completed: Totally Tubular 80's-tastic Rad Rigel Bomber

AHHH! I am totally on a Papercut Patterns kick! I am really loving these designs, so I can't wait to see what else I'll be churning out soon! (Spoiler: I made the Pneuma Bra during my office's "winter break" and it's *AMAZING*)

A note: I've often held off posting because I haven't taken "good" photos of myself wearing the garment. It's usually an iPhone mirror selfie, and I get all self-conscious about it and don't end up posting. NO MORE! I've got some in progress shots, and dress form shots, and then an iPhone selfie. I don't want to let that stop me from keeping up to date with the things I've made. Deal with it.

May I present to you: the Totally Tubular 80's-tastic Rad Rigel Bomber!!!!

This is a stretch cotton sateen I bought at JoAnn's a billion years ago. I don't know what I was thinking? I am willing to bet it was on sale and I thought I'd make a dress out of it.

Along with everyone else who's made this jacket, I added a lining. I omitted the facings and I followed Lladybird's lead and used most of Jen's bagging tutorial, with a minor modification.

This lining is linen. Since this is meant as a light weight jacket, I don't plan on wearing this with anything long sleeved, and could avoid using a slippery fabric for the arms. My next go round will be of a heavier fabric and will definitely include slippery arms!

To that end, Linen loves to absolutely disintegrate, so I serged every single seam as I was putting it together. This means I had a whole "Jacket" ready to go into my shell, and I didn't want to rip open ANY of those linen seams. Doing that would mean eating into the seam allowance on the lining and cause the lining to become unstable.

What I did instead was to attach the lining as instructed for the facings, sewing together at the neck (after the ribbing was attached) and zipper line (after the zipper was installed). I also sewed together at the arms (again, after the ribbing was attached)which was a little terrifying.

At that point, I had all upper points together, and the hem ribbing had not yet been installed. I then treated the lining and the shell as one and just serged the hem ribbing on.

I had never made a welt pocket before. In fact, I now realize when I made my Minoru, I had wanted to add welt pockets, but failed to find a tutorial for adding them with a zipper.

The instructions included for making the welt pockets are easy to follow! I had tried to do some "research" beforehand by reading tutorials on other blogs, but that was not necessary.


And now, here I am wearing it, with matching phone case!

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