So I'm Christina, welcome! Pull up a chair, have some coffee.
I'm a mid-late-twenties gal hailing from the Pacific Northwest. I've been sewing since I can remember but seriously sewing for the past few years. I have a grand sense of humor and enjoy the small things in life. I like:

large hair

drinking excessive amounts of coffee

 brussels sprouts
riding my bicycle.

The name "Stacie Chadwick" was originally part of a joke between friends, so I registered the domain. It sat for a while, and I wasn't really sure what I should do with it. I slapped it on my blogger and here we are.

Proof of that sense of humor:

I know it's difficult to tell what I am doing in this photo. I am playing on "whaley" which is a piece of playground equipment. We named him.

Thanks for stopping by! Feel free to contact me if you have questions, comments, etc.