Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Ghost Town, USA.

You guys. I've been totally MIA. I flat out MISSED the deadline for the Made Men Challenge. (Still working on the dress, though!)

Fine, let's talk about the dress. These pictures are horrible, they really are. I'm SO CLOSE to being done. So Close. I can literally taste it. (No, I cannot.)

The inspiration dress is, of course, Betty's fabulous party dress in Season 2.

Photos from the fabulous Tom + Lorenzo blog

We can discuss the fact that I failed to read the directions, so the straps are being added as an "after thought" which involves a lot of hand sewing, which I do not find relaxing at all.

We can discuss the fact that I'm worried I bit a look easter-egg ish?

And can we talk about the back? Something went wrong. I know that it doesn't look like it, but trust me. The color blocks match up, which is great! But, the top doesn't. which is bad. This isn't an everyday garment and therefore should probably have had a little more attention paid it. the problem for me, is that I honestly don't know how to fix it without tearing the entire thing apart.


Just now I tried the dress on to sew on the last strap, and I can't seem to get the zipper up. I'm setting this aside before I break the zipper and have to start all over again.

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