Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Completed: McCalls 7073 in a Floral Knit

My poor sad, totally neglected blog!! The more I make stuff, the less I seem to post about it. I’ve made a whopping ELEVEN garments that are just waiting for….something to freeze over so I can finally get some decent photos and post them here! ANYWAY. Finally, a post!

I recently had the good luck of connecting with a seller on Etsy who was closing her vintage pattern store, and I was able to score around 50 vintage patterns spanning the 30's - the present, for about a buck a piece!

This is a Very 80's pattern, from the "Make it Tonight, Wear it Tomorrow!" series by McCall's, currently listed here on etsy.

Now, this is a size 4-6 (petite) but, as the big 4 do, it contains all of the ease known to man. Here it is, in all its unflattering, unbelted glory. MUUUUUMUUUUUU

Obviously this thing needs a belt, like, pretty bad. My first thought was, "Oh, I have some 3" elastic kicking around in my sewing closet, I'll just cover it with self and NO ONE WILL KNOW."


Guys, this also looks, uh, not great. I swear there is a 3" strip of self covered elastic at my waist. While we're at it, we should also play spot the motorcycle engine.

Ok ok. It's really not that bad now that I've put on a regular belt. I should also mention that I took off like, 2" from the sleeve length so that this mumu wouldn't turn into a caftan. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but that wasn't the look I was going for.

I went lazy style and finished all the edges with rolled hem alá my serger, but in hindsight, if I make this again, I'll make a bias facing for at least the neck.

Here I am in my livingroom, turning in a circle so you can see it all.

I honestly don't know if the hem is uneven, of if there is so much fabric that I had to squeeze with the belt that the BELT is making it look uneven. Clearly the only solution is to wear this around town without a belt.

What else. I think I cut the front on the fold so there wasn't another collision on my front to stare at.

I like this pattern, it was pretty easy to put together and it's got good shoulder coverage, which is nice for summer time.

Next time, I'm gonna trim out like, 5" on each side. For realsies.

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