Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Fry Purse?

The burger dress is coming along quite nicely! Here is a sneak peak at one fruit included as a garnish!
tomato is a serious fruit!

I've been considering purse options. I clearly need a clutch or small bag since I'll be attending a dance party. Google always helps with ideas, here was a result:
photo credit and purse available for purchase here

It's cute, but it's a bit elementary/literal and since my dress is a cocktail style dress, I was thinking clutch.

I have an amazing reader list full of inspiring sewists, and this morning ::paunnet:: had this post on some patterns for makeup bags. They are clutch style. They have interesting details. They are available for download from the internet! Of the two she wrote about, this one from Keyka Lou really struck me.

It is so adorable! Either that one or this one, but I'd have to alter it to make it just a bit bigger, as it looks like it's designed for something about the size of a note card, and ideally I'll fit my phone, cards, key and maybe a camera in there.

I have a metric ton of hand sewing to do, I still need to hem the dress and then trim the tulle under-layer and then the dress itself will be complete! When will I find time to also sew a clutch?

I'm linking up with Sachiko over at Tea Rose Home today, so swing over there and show off your hand made items!

What are you dressing for Halloween as?

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