Friday, May 22, 2015

Completed: Oxford & Floral Cross-Back Tank

This is the redo of my first attempt at the cross back tank, this time in oxford and quilting cotton. I made several changes to the pattern, after that first go round, including reducing the back piece by 1” width wise, and reducing the front piece by about 1” as well.

This resulted in a tighter fit, which was welcome after the first version. If you remember, I had to take the front in so I just chopped and put a seam up the CF. Not my finest fix under pressure but….

The weird thing about this style in general is that there is a lot of shifting in the shoulders and the back pieces, so it doesn’t really stay put in the way you might expect it to. Or at least, as I had expected it to.

And, here it is on my actual person:

The shoulders tend to creep up my neck, so I find that I’m adjusting them frequently when wearing. Bra coverage is actually quite great; I’m wearing a longline Watson in this photo.

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