Friday, May 15, 2015

Completed: Double the Watson Fun

My mom always said if you find something you like, you better buy two.

I suppose this could also be applied to sewing, too?! The Watson is so fun and easy to make, with incredibly satisfying results, so I cut two at a time and put them together one right after the other!

Version 1:

I wasn’t sure which notion color ways I should go with, my options being a purple/orchid/hot pink mashup or a more subdued faint blue.

I used a verrrrry stretchy spandex knit I bought in San Francisco, and went out on a limb and stabilized the cradle with some left over Oxford Shirting. I’d say it worked out just fine. This bra feels more or equally as stable as the others, which were stabilized with nylon tricot.

I used gold rings and sliders, and I worked really hard to match up the cup prints. I think it turned out pretty good for such a wiley fabric!

One thing I will be changing on my next iteration is how the straps attach to the rest of the bra in the back.

Right now, the straps have to make a turn once they reach the top of the back band, and are sewn along the top of the back band. I’ve modified my pattern pieces and will be testing this out on the next iteration: I smoothed the back band piece to gradually size down to the triple hook and eye, and instead I’ll extend the under-arm elastic all the way to the hook and eye. The strap will come straight down and end at the back band.

It looks like a bikini, so here:

For Version 2:
I used a kit from Blackbird, and I cut the inner cups from power mesh.

You can really see the bend of the strap on this one:

It will can be come twisted and be uncomfortable. I’m really hoping my planned change will work out.

This is a teal milliskin and I really like the shine. The fabric has a stable stretch and is incredibly soft and comfortable.

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  1. My Nan said the same thing, and they're both as right as these brilliant watsons!


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