Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Completed: Renfrew the Stripey!

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I love Sewaholic's Renfrew. It has completely changed my sewing mojo for the better. This is such a fast, satisfying project. I've made three so far, with a few more planned. Additionally, it's such a great step into knits, which ARE NOT SCARY AT ALL.

Cutting out stripes - so many pins! 
The traditional "off by one" error. This only happened on one side seam, so whatever. I don't care, judge all you want!
Sleeve cuffs. Stripe matching is....I think I did ok here for my first time! 
After a day of wear, I ended up cutting a larger/longer hem band and it's perfect!
I've been meaning to take photos of this shirt for like, 3 weeks. Deal with my bad choice in undergarments. Sorrynotsorry.

Not sure what happened to my face. Ah, timer photos!


Crowning frigging achievement. STRIPE MATCHINGGGGGGG


Lookit my cowl! OK SEE YOU LATER!

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