Monday, November 24, 2014

Rigel Bomber Planzzzzzz

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oh helloooo beauty! 

This pattern has been out for a while. I looked at it, then kept moving. Then all of these amazing Rigel's started popping up everywhere. (Click the pics to go to their respective sources!)





And then the Gap started schilling them (which I was going to link to but I guess they're not on sale anymore, so whatever), and I'm not really one for "on trend" but I loves me a jacket, so now this pattern is mine.

And then what really sealed the deal was Lauren went and posted a photo on instagram and listed her ribbing source. GAME OVER YA'LL. I ordered two kinds of ribbing from Pacific Trimming in NYC.
Super fast shipping, and the ribbing I got is super high quality. 

SILVER and GOLD! Girl, you so fancy!

I have a potentially suitable coating for a little more substance, but I also have several great floral cottons in my stash (that I need to whittle down so that I can buy more fabric) so I'm still contemplating what I'll actually make it out of.

I really, really, like the weight and substance of the Papercut Patterns. For those that don't know - they come printed on a sturdier recycled brown paper. I just assembled my instruction booklet last night. Posts for a work in progress soon!

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