Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Completed: Southwestern Hoodie

I've been wanting to make a hoodie for some time. This summer, I found this fabric at my local store (Stitches!) for something silly like $3.00 a yard. I think at that point I had never sewn with non-wovens of any kind, but I bought three yards anyway. It's a great sweatshirt knit, with a soft fleece-y inside and a great screen printed pattern on the right side.

I made this hoodie with McCall's 4261 view A, heavily modified.
The pattern originally calls for a shoulder yoke and the self facing to be turned to the wrong side. Nope nope nope.
I cut the XS and made the following changes:
-Added topstitching throughout. (cuffs, hem band, shoulders, sleeves, hood/neck, extra row on the pockets.) I essentially made a mock flat felled seam with the seam allowance and then trimmed it down after.
-Set the sleeves in flat, and pinched out the excess at the sleeve head with an inverted box pleat. A fun feminine touch!
-Sewed the side and sleeve seams at 1/4"
-No shoulder yoke!
-Added a button hole opening on either side of the hood for an added drawstring
-Folded those self facings to the interior
-Cut the hem band on the fold. (The pattern calls for cutting two. It's just a rectangle and this fabric was thick, so cutting down on uneccessary seams was a plus)

And a little "this might be a hoodie?" selfie!

You can really see the colors on this WIP shot:

I'd like to make at least one more in black. I had a black hoodie that I loved which has disappeared. For the next go-round I'll turn the edges of the pockets before topstitching. Right now they're just sewn right on with rough edges, and I think it looks a little becky-home-ecky.

Here are some detail shots!

Zipper topstitching, hem band. This is the best topstitching I've ever produced!

Dem buttonholes tho

Loads of topstitching, adorable tiny inverted box pleat the sleeve head

Cuff topstitching

And that's pretty much it! Look for more soon!


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    1. Y'know, I totally thought to myself that this is Oona fabric. I've been buying prints like crazy, so I'm definitely channeling my inner Kalkatroona!!


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