Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Vintage Skort

When I was between the ages of 9-12, my mom let me pick out a pattern and some fabric. She cut the pieces, lost one of the pieces, the directions and the envelope. I picked the above pattern, OOP Butterick 5454. Described as: "Two flippy pantskirts. Front wrapped or with a button-on panel."

For some reason, she kept the remnants, and the pieces she had already cut out. They were lost in a drawer.

Fast forward about 15-17 years. I am finishing a quilt for my niece. I'm rummaging about in mom's sewing cabinet for the tomato pin cushion and I come across the pieces. I stash them in my sewing machine bag and take them home with me.

I look up the pattern on e-bay and for less than $8.00 it is in my hands in a few days.

This is a child's size 10, so this won't fit me. But that isn't going to stop me from making it for my niece. She's about 18 months old, so it'll be a while before she can wear it.

Here I am, telling this story while holding the very preliminary stitched together piece:

I'm explaining that this is the original fabric.
Two pieces were missing!
Clearly I'm disgusted about something.
Realize I've been documented!
Let's take a look at where I'm at with the project now!

Skirt Front
Skirt Rear
Skirt Buckle (my favorite part!)
Secret Panel
I just need to install the waist-facing and hem. We all know how I feel about hemming, this will probably sit for a month or two before it gets done...


  1. That is a wonderful story! I love the photo captures :-)

    1. Thanks, Mary! I remember looking forward to the garment and wondering what ever had happened to it. I'm happy to finally get this put together!


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