Wednesday, March 7, 2012

What does your sewing space look like?

Friends, do you have a dedicated sewing space? I remember as a child, my mother dragging her sewing machine out each night after the dinner table was cleared, pins clattering against the wood, the ironing board set up behind her but close enough to the table so she could set the iron on the table instead of the board. Does anybody else do that?

When I started to sew, I lived in a very tiny studio apartment. I would drag out my ironing board, and set my sewing machine up on my coffee table, sewing while sitting on my couch. If I needed to cut something, I cleared the coffee table and cut, then put everything back to continue my work. What a mess it was!

A few years ago, I had a dedicated sewing room. It was delightful, and I wish I had taken advantage of it more than I did. This room was wonderful because I could keep the ironing board out at all times, keep the machine set up on a separate table and have a dedicated cutting and layout area.

My set-up today, is more shared living room, but unlike the tiny studio, the living room is quite large. I've arranged the floor plan in such a way that I can face my computer and watch/listen to movies while I'm working.

I'm curious, if you have both a serger and a sewing machine, do you keep them set up and out all the time?
I've also seen sewing rooms painted brilliant colors, but I worry that detracts from fabric or could reflect back on fabric poorly, specifically when draping, as shadows play such a huge role.

Here are some sewing spaces I found on the internet:

I love the light colors. The shelves provide storage space close to hand and the table provides great working area.

I love the use of shelves and storage baskets. The tiny shelf where the machine is sitting isn't realistic at all, in my opinion, but would be a good place to store the machine when not in use.

This room is amazing. I'm drawn to shelves and anything arranged by color. The original post that I sourced the photo from details the room in many different stages of use.

I keep telling myself to take photos of my sewing space, but keep forgetting to when the light makes it easy.

String and Clothespins for current pattern pieces. Get them off the floor!

Ironing board on the left, shelves between the table and ironing station.

A peek at my shelves. Those three drawers house notions and various cutting tools.

Pardon the mess!

I also recently picked up some storage boxes that are sized perfectly for patterns from Ikea. I'll have to double check the model numbers, but they were from this line.

I'm currently working on a Colette violet blouse, and have learned a lot about the slash and spread method for pattern grading, as the smallest size is still a bit too big.

I need to: take photos of the completed Sailor Outfit before it is out of my hands and finish up the Violet blouse.

Here's where it was at last night:

One sleeve.


  1. I am just like your mother! I sew on the dining table with the ironing board set up next to me. The ironing board is there all the time because I have no room for it elsewhere! I have a 2 bedroom house, and I have no sewing room :( I hardly (never ever) eat dinner on the dinner table, I eat on the couch or at my mum's house, so my sewing stuff is on the table all the time :)

  2. They also eliminate the need to carry the ironing board and unfold awkward collapsible legs. ironing board


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