Friday, March 2, 2012

New Marking Tools!

I'm so excited about the mail delivery today, friends!

Back in the beginning of February, Did You Make That featured a chalk set she had purchased, on this post. I've been thinking about marking and tracing tools for some time now, and realized that my marking tools were really lacking.

I have the traditional chalk tool ensconced in plastic.

I have a "chalk" fabric marking pencil. This doesn't work, and every time I have to use it, I lose faith in ever having a proper mark to be found.

I also have a fabric "marker", but that doesn't seem to work very well for me either.

So I ordered the Signet Color set from hoechstmaß. Made in Germany, and sold via sewdirect.com.
It's an identical set to one manufactured by Dritz, but I was never able to find the Dritz version in any of the sewing stores here in Seattle. I've heard rumors I should have checked the quilting section!

I also use tailor's tacks, but they're time consuming and thread tracing doesn't make sense most of the time. (I hate hand sewing, and recently learned my machine can stitch buttons on for me! More on that ultimate bit of laziness later!)

The German version came in a fancy plastic case to keep everything together. Compare the Dritz with the one I received:

While They both offer the same product, I feel like the hoechstmaß offered a better presentation, and I love that I can keep my entire set together and protected from breakage.

Do any of you have favorite marking tools?

I just finished up the Sailor Outfit, and once I get a chance to take some decent photos, I'll be writing a post about it! I can't wait to use this marking set for my Mad Men Dress Challenge (as hosted by Juliabobbin!) If you're not on board, you totally should be!


  1. Hi Christina,
    seems like we're having the same kind of issue !
    I tried the fabric market but it never last very long. Then I tried the marking pencil, the lead broke all the time. So I recently tried the marking chalk which was a miracle for me, but not for long. I can't have it accurate enough to have a neat marking.
    I never heard about the Signet Color set but it seems interesting. How do you like it ? Is it worth the purchase ?

    Nice blog BTW !

    1. Hi Claire,
      Thanks, I've worked pretty hard on the blog, I like tweaking things!
      I do like this set quite a bit. I just changed out colors the other day since I was marking on white fabric, and it was a dream. I like chalk because it doesn't stain (99% of the time) and this tool in particular allows for more precise marking because it's more like a pencil than just a piece of chalk. It can be sharpened. For really precise marks, I still use tailor's tacks or thread trace. They are time consuming but if you want accurate marking or need to see it on the right side of the fabric (as I did on the back waist of the Minoru jacket) then I'd say it's worth the time.


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