Wednesday, February 13, 2013

2497 - assembly notes and to-do list

Oh man, I started this post on 2/4. I'm only just now posting because I've FINALLY taken some photos!

Some construction notes:
2/4 - all pieces are cut out
2/5 - finished the ruffle collar edges on the serger
2/6 - bodice has gathering strings ready, neck facing *mostly* installed (just needs to be basted and topstitched down)
2/7 - neck facing is done!
2/11 - Right Pocket, gathered skirt
2/12 - Left pocket, joined bodice and skirt, prepped for zipper installation

To Do! 

  • Baste and topstitch neck facing in place 
  • fuse interfacing to (2x) waistband 
  • assemble waistband 
  • install waistband on bodice 
  • baste gathering strings on skirt 
  • sew up side seams including pockets 
  • install zipper 
  • arm facings 
  • gather and install ruffle collar 

This does seem like a lot to get done, especially before 2/14 AND without a weekend to work on it!

Outside front of bodice
Ruffle. Basting stitches and finished with a rolled hem.
Inside front of the bodice.
BAM! Look at that inseam pocket! The zipper will be installed today.
This project is also included on my sewing circle: http://www.mysewingcircle.com/project/show/11419

So, a poll.  I'm kind of fed up with invisible zippers, as I have an easy time installing them, but when I've got wasitbands to match up, it never seems to work out. I kind of want to just put a regular dress zipper in this. Do you guys think it will ruin the look? I basted the thing shut on the left side, and everything is perfectly matched up. If I hand baste the zipper in, I feel there is a very good chance everything will stay put and look nice.

What do you think?

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