Friday, November 21, 2014

Completed: Renfrew the Cozy!

When I first traced off the Renfrew, I used a size 0 with some modifications. I removed 1" from the bodice front and back, 1/2" from the sleeve length (3/4 length sleeves) and did a weird sleeve sizing experiment (which failed spectacularly, by the way) where I traced a 2 but didn't accommodate the sleeve cap change in the armscye in the bodice. As you can imagine, that was fun to figure out.

I made some alterations again last night, this time adding back the 1" and 1/2" chunks I originally removed, and extending the bands a bit. I've found when using slinkier knits, the bands don't tend to hold their shape (they kind of bunch up a little?) so I heightened those by 1-2", depending on how much fabric I have to work with. It's really arbitrary, but doesn't matter much since they're just rectangles.
The other thing I've been doing is just cutting the cowl with one layer. You really don't have to finish the edges because knits don't unravel or fray, and often times with lighterweight knits, it's a little weird to have a double layer in just that one area. Also saves on fabric, so you can get away with much less yardage than is "required". I've made this top on less than a yard. Seriously!

Last night, I made a Renfrew out of....fleece!

I originally picked up this fleece as a remnant at JoAnns. I think it was just over a yard and probably like $3-$6. Super Amaze.

The guts are SO PRETTY. I used my serger for the entire thing (normally I use my machine and then finish with the serger)

Here is it right side out. Boring, but so warm and inviting!

My crowning achievement - those seams are super lined-up! Especially on the serger, this has been something I've had a hard time with. I use a walking foot on my regular machine, which does help some, but I've been trying to improve this particular skill.

When you make a particular style over and over, do you notice techniques or particular things that you want to work on/fix? 

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  1. oh what a cute top - that is exactly what I want to be wearing this winter. congrats on your accurate seaming, especially done with the serger. It's not quite as easy to get precision on a serger as it is on a sewing machine, is it.


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