Thursday, November 20, 2014

Fabric shopping in San Francisco

I went to San Francisco a couple weeks ago for a work conference, and stayed through the weekend so I could get my fabric hunt on. 

The selection at Britex Fabrics is insane, and unlike anything I've seen in Seattle. It was absolutely overwhelming in the best way. I ended up going home with one remnant piece of 4 way stretch nylon spandex, to become hiking leggings. Britex had a great selection of more traditional fabrics (wools, cottons, silks) and there was a smaller table of knits.

I also went to Fabric Outlet in the Mission, which was a little more my speed. Get thee to Fabric Outlet, you guys. so. many. colorful. knits.

Here is what I left with. All of these knits are destined to become leggings and/or skirts. So excited!

from Britex

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