Monday, March 16, 2015

Completed: Pneuma Sports Bras & Tank Tops

Next up: Papercut Pattern's Pneuma Tank & Sports Bra.  

This pattern is ACES.

I try to get to the gym about 4-5 times a week, so that means I'm burning through a lot of work out gear in a single week. When I first started going, I was content to use those ratty old dance pants and a t-shirt. As I've actually stayed committed to showing up, though, I want some cute stuff to sweat in.
Papercut's Tri collection is nothing short of absolutely amazing. I've made up the Pneuma as a stand-alone sports bra twice, and made the integrated tank top/bra combo three times, and had fun playing around with a stand alone tank.

Here's my first go-round with the bra:

I didn't want to spend time tracking down bra-strapping, so I ended up using 1/4" elastic encased in the same fabric I was using, with a nice zig zag down the center to secure. This method worked, and I used it for my second version as well.
First version: Fabric from Fashion Fabrics Club. I searched high and low for an 85/15 poly-spandex blend, which is the same fabric used for a pair of leggings I really liked from Old Navy. This is the Aqua Blue. For this version I started with the XXS. The fit is pretty good, but I found it was a little tight, which made it hard to get on and off, but great while wearing it.

Second version was made with the Vibrant Purple and the straps were made with this amazing Girl Charlee Ponte de Roma. Those were scraps leftover from some leggings I've yet to blog about!

For version number two, I added 1/4" to each pattern center (center back and center front) matching the length for the XS pattern piece, without raising the arm or neckline. This was a great alteration! I didn't pay attention to the fact that I should have then moved the strap locations, so you can see in the photo above that the outer straps are preeeeetty close to the side seams. Derp!

Version one with the tank was made with the same Vibrant Purple Milliken, but this time I used FOE kept flat for the straps and the shirt was made with a half-yard cut of this Girl Charlee Print.

I had been hoping for more of a peek-a-boo effect with the side and back cutouts, so I lowered those each by 1/4" on the following versions. I finished the edges of the tank with a narrow hem on my serger. In fact, the entire project was put together with my serger, save for topstitching the elastic in the bra and attaching the straps.

Version 2 was made with this Yellow Gold Milliken, and this "Neon Aztec" print, also a half yard cut from Girl Charlee.

And here are my mirror selfies actually wearing version 2:

Version 3 was made with the Aqua blue again, and this Girl Charlee floral print, half yard cut again! Since it was a half yard cut, I ended up changing the pattern direction on the front, but it's a knit, and following the grain isn't as important.

It seems I forgot to snap photos of the standalone tank, but, it's fun to wear to the gym. Buy this pattern, you won't be disappointed!


  1. I love your different versions! I just made the bra myself in a fun skull fabric for a Halloween-themed race. If you're interested, I actually wrote a step by step tutorial on how to add bra cups and a lining to this pattern. Available here:


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