Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Completed: Self Drafted Leggings

I love to be comfortable. I live in leggings as much as I can, and while I love the ooh Lah leggings I've made, sometimes I just want a basic version without all of the seaming details.

So, I drafted a leggings pattern using this tutorial!

I used this Cotton Spandex knit from... GirlCharlee! Where else, right?

This is really more of a fabric suited to a t-shirt, as it's somewhat thin. I really only wear these around the house or with a skirt over top.

What is going on with the side shape of my butt? I guess that's probably some underwear lines!

Overall, the drafting tutorial is really straightforward. I think I either mis-measured my rise, or I didn't fully take into account the stretchiness of the fabric, but BOY that rise is HIGH (and I love me a high-rise). I actually ended up chopping a whole SIX inches off and it's still hitting at my belly button. I also need to adjust the back curve, because there is a bubble above my butt and it looks weird. Again, since I don't generally wear these in public, it's probably ok. In all, this was a fun exercise in dabbling in drafting, and I'd like to continue to tweak the pattern for a better fit!

I also made a second pair in my favorite 85/15 poly/spandex material:

I  call these my "smurf" leggings. They're pretty sturdy, and you can see I paired it with my Pneuma tank with matching bra. I'm like a modern day big city gym-princess. Or something.

In any case, I must admit I felt pretty fancy wearing my coordinating outfit to the gym, and that it was all handmade by me!

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