Monday, May 11, 2015

Me Made May 2015, Week 1

I have a huge backlog of projects I would like to blog about, so this is just a quick post for the first week of Me Made May, 2015. This is my first time participating, and it's been great so far!

Not pictured, of course, are the days I wore a Watson *under* my clothes!

Of the four items posted above, three (!!) are unblogged. I've been very busy at the machine, and not so much behind the blogger entry box!
Top to bottom:
-Unblogged Archer Popover in a floral cotton knit
-My favorite hoodie (this thing gets a ton of wear!)
-Unblogged Morris blazer in blue floral textured double knit + black knit
-Unblogged Morris blazer in red & orange floral textured double knit + black knit (because I liked the first one so much!)

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