Wednesday, October 31, 2012

GBD - Fascinator and Clutch

While I've pointed out the difficulties in sewing with plastic, I have failed to share the upsides.

I made a matching clutch and the outer "fabric" was made of the vinyl/plastic material. I opted to use Pattern Runway's Free Fold-Over Clutch Pattern and it was a great choice. Since I printed this pattern at home, I was able to tape it together and then tape it directly to the plastic. No pattern weights to muss with here!

While this could potentially be a problem, I found the fact that the material clings to itself to be a great plus. Like working with leather, this material will show poke holes, so you can't pint it together. Throughout this project, I've employed two different methods of "pinning" or otherwise keeping layers together: binder clips and scotch tape.

As pictured above and below, I once again fashioned a faux teflon foot out of painter's tape. It was also important to keep the left side of the bag lifted up and away from the arm of the machine, it could get stuck there too, and did on a few occasions.

Last but not least, this material doesn't really wrinkle. This can be both good and bad, but I found it to be a pleasant experience. Once it clung to itself, it didn't budge, and movement while sewing or adjusting didn't cause the entire piece to shift, so that was a huge plus.

The interior of the bag was made of the same red cotton sateen, which was brought into this world as a sheet. I picked it up at Ikea from the as-is section and I believe I've given it a better life as a bag, fascinator and dress.

It was a tad challenging making those sharp corners turn out correctly, but that can be attributed to material and not to the pattern. This is a great pattern and I am looking forward to making it again.

I also made a fascinator type hat. I didn't take any mid-construction shots, but here is the finished product.

I started with a half football shape, and I stuck a dart in the end to make it gently curve. Using some very stiff fusible interfacing provided some stability and the serger was a quick way to finish the edges. I got out the glue gun, securing in place the feathers, "gumballs" and some netting. Pro Tip: glue guns are hot. I only sustained one glue gun injury and I was able to go on without first aid, but after that I wised up and used cardboard to push my feathers/felt/netting into place. Lastly, one of those really great side hair combs that I had tucked away in a ziplock bag labeled "Long Hair" was glued into place and the fascinator found its perch on my head.

I will have one final post tomorrow after my friends and I go out tonight. I will leave you with this shot of me, modeling a ruff that we made for our friend who went as Tycho Brahe. 

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  1. Miss, you are too creative :) Can't wait to see all the elements together in one pic!


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