Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Gumball Progress - Cutting

Last night right after work I met up with Devon at the craft store, where she curated some felt for my gumball pieces.

I picked up some boning and I found they stock some great plastic-type material that's going to serve as the "glass" on the bodice. We originally thought about just picking up a shower curtain, but this was exactly the type I wanted, and at $4.95/yard was bound to be cheaper than a shower curtain. Since it's plastic it's not really fabric...right?

Dinner to fuel us through the cutting!

We had dinner before setting in to work on the cutting. I decided to go with the same silhouette that I used for the burger dress (McCalls 5850) for a few reasons. First off, the inspiration post featured mostly strapless dresses with sweetheart necklines and I think this really fits perfectly. Second, this will be the third time I've made up this particular pattern so I won't have any construction surprises.

Can you spot the stash?
The outside of the dress will be red, but for the lining of the bodice I wanted to really dip into the stash.This is just quilting cotton leftover from a project my mom worked on several years ago making scrubs for a friend who was working as a Vet Tech. Super fun and colorful, and another stash piece taken care of, win-win.

The lining pieces for the bodice and the midriff have all been cut. I also got the main skirt pieces cut as well. Tonight I'll be cutting the red bodice and midriff pieces, and will begin sewing!

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