Monday, October 15, 2012

success and halloween thoughts

I went to Joann's with my housemate yesterday so she could procure fabric for her cape for her halloween costume.

I FOUND THE TEMPLATE FOR MY GRANDMOTHER'S QUILT!!!! and I purchased it for $5 bucks, because Joann's is always doing sales. w00t!

dresden template

I thought about doing a halloween costume again this year. I considered being a mermaid, but after realize I am not allowed to buy more fabric, I couldn't justify this. Let's face it, I just wanted to buy sparkly/sequined fabrics.

Devon sent me a link to the below, and things have just spiraled out of control.



I do this to myself every year. Today is the 15th. I'm going to be putting the gumball dress together and documenting it here!

I've also been working on my peony muslin, but it needs a lot of work. This is more fun!

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