Saturday, September 29, 2012

Knits and a SERGER!

Guys, on Valentine's day last year, my buddy Devon texted me while she was back home. She asked me if I was interested in a serger her mom was looking to get rid of. WAS I INTERESTED?!  I kept asking her if it was a joke, if she was serious.

March rolls around, and there is a serger waiting at the post office. Her mom totally hooked me up, including multiple books, extra thread, a neat carrying case, the original manual, several extra specialized feet, tweezers, etc, etc.

I started to think about how I learned to sew/use a sewing machine and I realized I am entirely self taught in that arena. My mom showed me how to thread the machine when I was a teenager, but I started actually sewing in my early 20's and have never taken a class. How did you guys learn to use a sewing machine?

 I'll be honest, I was scared of the serger. It's got 4 threads! It has a bad wrap for threading! It's got a knife! I did what any reasonable woman would do and I put it in my closet. I pretended I wasn't drawn to the siren song of the serger.
Six months went by and I finally set a goal: learn how to use the thing by the end of September!

On Saturday (two weeks ago now, sheesh!), I went into Made Sewing Studio for a two hour private lesson, bringing my babylock with me. It was really wonderful and I am not afraid of it anymore. In fact, Sunday, I traced out M6319 and put it together using the babylock! I wanted the openings to have a bit of a "flutter" so I set the differential feed to stretch a tiny bit, and finished using the rolled hem and omitted the bodice lining. I finished the hem with a lettuce ruffle.  It was a super fast project and my first ever with knits!

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  1. You did a great job with your dress. How fortunate you are to get a free serger! I cannot wait to get my hands on one.

    I can only imagine how much time you save sewing with one.


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