Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Wiksten Take 2!

I made a second Wiksten Tank, and it was part of a surprise package I sent to my internet friend Jiordan! I was in such a hurry to send the package out, and I left town for an epic 1,500 mile road trip that I only took a couple of photos of it. She happily snapped a few so I could show you guys the finished product. I am in love with this pattern. Seriously, and doesn't it look GREAT on her?!

This came together very quickly, and was made from some cotton I've had in my stash FOREVER. Like, I got this fabric from my mom, forever. I love the floral print, and blue is Jiordan's fave color, so, win-win!

I finished this one with white bias tape peeking out.
I added the pocket for this version. Love it!
She also included these stats when she sent over the photos:
Model: Jiordan
Eyeballs: Courtesy of my mama
Room: Messy as hell (...)
City: Colder than an iceberg, foggier than that scene in Pirates of the Carribean (AKA San Francisco)

I'm also mere steps away from finishing my first Lonsdale!! Stay tuned!

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