Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Technicolor Burning Lining

Look, we can't win them all and these photographs are no exception. When it's finished I'll take fancy photos!

The Lonsdale began as a quick and dirty project which has spiraled out of control. I made a size 2, but probably should have done the 0. I can take it in in the back, but the loops are already placed and I don't have any more of the fun fractal fabric. I am holding it shut in these photos, because otherwise there would be serious gaping in the front.

Each year at my house, we host a Paella party. It's a wonderful event and this year was extra special as we were celebrating two of my favorite people (pictured below) and their recent engagement. I was hoping to put together a new dress for the occasion, but I was out of town on that road trip, and enlisted to hem 90 inch pieces of muslin for table cloths... excuse, excuse, excuse.

They are so adorable!!!

That isn't all, though. See, I had a different fabric picked out for the skirt. It was a darker green corduroy. Combined with the cotton sateen, it just wasn't quite right. I had this great pea green (which incidentally is a great color on me, and one of my favorites, SCORE!) but it was pretty see-through. I recently told you guys about my *ahem* hoarding problem and I really didn't want to buy any fabric for this project. I've gone through my fabrics and sorted between useable lengths, scraps and potential facing fabrics. I had a light blue rayon that I could use to line the skirt. Perfect!

You know how at the beginning of most sewing instructions, they state you should read all directions and understand them clearly before embarking on your journey? I did do that, however, I have very little experience sticking my own lining pieces in. I cut the pocket shape on the front. I then realize the error of my ways, and try to insert a scrap to fill in the gap. Chaos ensues. I don't have enough of the light blue rayon to cut more front pieces, but I *do* have a really great kelley green leftover from my Minoru. I cut the front on the fold, since this is the lining. So I have an amazing technicolor lining.


I was pressing and I burned a small hole in my lining. I laid down on the floor in a ball. The hole isn't that bad. So you know what? I trucked onward, and I'm going to finish the dress. I will cut out the burny bits and stick some fray check on there, and aside from the fact I've just told the internet, no one will stop me walking down the street to ask me about that hole in the lining of my dress.

I inserted the zipper last night and found out I need to take it in quite a bit. I really should be making muslins, but I also don't mind flying by the seat of my pants. Tonight's goal: finish removing the zipper, baste the back again, insert zipper (again), hopefully find it's wonderful and HEM!

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