Monday, September 24, 2012

Tiny Sailorette!

I finally finished the tiny outfit and it has arrived to my niece!

The shirt is coming back, sadly. I failed to put the buttonholes in at the top due to so many reviews stating that you really didn't need them. FALSE. THIS IS FALSE. I am going to do vertical buttonholes so that I don't have to pull the entire sleeve off, but I'm hoping it fits her once they can fit it over her head!

I think I've just decided this is my go-to pattern when friends or family are having babies, because this goes together very nicely and easily and is SUPER cute. A TNT for the littles, if you will.

Seersucker shirt with Grey accents
French seam and bias tape finish

Bad Auntie read too many reviews that said the buttonholes weren't necessary

I've been prepping for my fall and winter sewing. I found that one problem I keep running into is lack of motivation to do the dull, dragging task of cutting and tracing once I've finished a project. My ah-ha moment came to me when I realized, if I dedicated a week or two to these tasks, then I wouldn't have to hem and haw or think about fabrics and what not.

Since I'm also currently on a "NOT ALLOWED TO BUY ANY MORE FABRIC" restriction, I'm working through stash for these projects. I've also decided that with all the ease built into the Big 4 patterns, I won't be tracing those off. There's just no point. I am small and picked up those patterns for $1 at Joann Sales. I will be tracing independent designers so those stay intact, since their sizing offers less ease and are therefore far more realistic. 

My floor, covered in patterns to be traced.

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  1. Love the outfit! Can't wait to put both pieces on the little miss. I also love your colorful model that's showing off the skirt! :-)


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